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Tata Power EZ HOME is an IoT solution which allows you to operate, schedule, monitor appliances like lighting, fans, ACs, washing machines, geysers, TVs, refrigerators, etc. with your phone and with voice control via Google Assistant or Alexa.

You can now operate home appliances more efficiently, with the convenience of managing them through your smartphones. These smart switches/devices will be integrated with your home appliances like lighting, fans, AC, curtains, geyser etc. for remote monitoring, control and operation through a smart phone or smart voice device.

This IoT solution from Tata Power enables you to have Safe, Easy & Efficient control from anywhere!


Designed for easy control and use

Tata Power have various products which are all independent to use, and can also be bundled to meet electrical requirements of a complete home.

TATA power ezhome switch


Modular switches that work with Google Assistant and Alexa. Must haves for your smart home.


Convert Your Conventional Switches to Smart Switches, and operate them from anywhere. These are Google Assistant and Alexa friendly.


120W Fan Electric Controller for your home. Works with Google Assistant and Alexa.


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