Solar Street Light

With Solar Street lights, save on installation costs, wiring costs and monthly electricity Bills. We supply Solar street lights from 9 Watts to 30 Watts.

If you are looking to install new light in your Home, Industry, public streets or institutions, consider Solar lights which eliminates the need for expensive cable laying thanks to ever increasing Labour cost.


  • Significant cost savings by avoiding the cable laying, distribution points
  • High Durability of Solar panel, LED and technologically superior LIPO4 Battery
    More than 10 Years of Maintenance free operation
  • Quick installation saves your precious project time
  • Zero Electricity cost
  • Sustainable Future by reducing the carbon emission


Solar Street lights can be used for 

  • Garden
  • Pathway
  • Parking Lots
  • Internal Roads
  • Security Lighting


  • LED Light, PIR Motion Sensor LI-ION/LifePO4 Battery and High efficiency Solar charge controller integrated as one unit
  • PIR Sensor adjusts light brightness on sensing motion (12M)
  • LEDs dim to 1/3rd brightness after 1 minute of detecting no motion
  • Automatic Dusk to Dawn Operation
  • Microcontroller based intelligent working for high operating hours
  • LI-ION/LifePO4 battery provides longer life and high number of charging cycles
  • LED indications for Battery charging and fault