Solar power for Residence

Rising power bill

Modern day comfort means more power consumption

Air condition is no more a luxury but a necessity

Subsidized power from government may not last forever

EB Tariff rise is on the corner

Think Future – Go Solar

Electric Mobility – Electric vehicles on the rise. Solar and Electric vehicle is a match made in heaven

We cannot produce petrol at home but can generate power

Increasing cooking gas bills and subsidy restriction

More and more adapt for Electric cooking

Economy and Reliability

Solar panels price is decreasing steadily while EB tariff is on the rise

Once invested the returns continue for more than 40 years

With Netmetering concept, generated solar power is not wasted and the returns is maximised

We and our earth are powered by ever reliable sun

No Moving parts. Once installed the Solar system will continue to generate power for more than 40 years

25 years performance warranty for panels. Zero maintenance, just occassional cleaning

Decided to Go Solar?

Gensolar Energy is your one stop solution for all your solar needs

We recommend you the most optimum solar system Size to maximize return on your solar investment


We use tier 1 solar panels only and other quality components

Perfect trouble free installation 

Guiding you in obtaining Solar netmeter from the Discoms