Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar energy as a renewable energy source for generating renewable energy has a promising potential and emerging, fast-improving economy capacity in India.

Gen Solar energy that has a great number of resource pools comprising civil and Electrical Engineers, proficient solar technicians and electricians, fully outfitted with state of art tools and equipment to support any quick track solar jobs.

Dhaksha granites solar

Solar Thermal System

We give you with complete assurance that your Solar Thermal system will be professionally preserved and, in case of an error, fast repaired by our highly skilled engineers.

Our solar thermal support comprises:

Solar system

We support all commercial and residential solar installations. Our Solar Specialist will carry out a full system check and notify you of any problem which could have arisen, and give you a comprehensive site review report with a complete breakdown from your review.

We check for any possible security risks, dangers and hazards which may impact the usage of your solar, while providing you peace of mind knowing that your system is in check along with your guarantee not effected by a lack of upkeep.

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