30W Solar Street Light with 70W solar panel & 5 Meter GI Pole

Original price was: ₹13,500.00.Current price is: ₹12,500.00.

Two in One LED Light which contains the LED light, LED driver, Charge controller, LifePO4 Battery in one IP65 rated enclosure.

30W LED Light

12.8V 24Ah Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery

75W Solar Poly crystalline PV panel

M.S Powder Coated G.I Pole with 75 mm O.D – 5 Meter height

12% GST Applicable

Transportation Charge will be extra

Light output:

Reflow soldered OSRAM LEDs should be used with cool white light output. LEDs which can be hand
soldered should not be used so as to minimize human interference and increase the reliability of LEDs
1. >=140 Lm /LED at 350mA
2. Asymmetric lenses with 85×135 angle for optimal spread on streets. Lenses should be such that the
light output falling behind the pole should be minimized and falling in front and laterally should be
3. Power saving mode after 6 hours of operation up to 50% of savings for longerlife


Microcontroller based PWM charging with the following features:
a. Constant Current Phase: all charge current available is used to charge battery.
b. Constant voltage Phase: Constant battery voltage towards end charge to present excessive gassing
c. Float Stage (below gassing voltage to avoid electrolyte loss)
4. Constant Current driver. Driver efficiency > 90%
5. Reverse polarity protection without the use of fuse to ease up installation in spite of humanerror
6. Battery charge indicator for different levels of the battery should be present on the fixture, indicating
at least 4 levels of battery for easier maintenance. Apart from this, low battery and charging indicators
should also be present. Autonomy of battery will be 16-18 hours.
7. Parallel back up LED pads with each LED should be presentso as to replace the LEDs easily in case one
of them fails in future.

Physical Luminary:
8. Aluminum die cast body with toughened glass
9. Single piece MCPCB covering the entire aluminum body for good thermal management to increase
the life of LEDs
10. LED junction temperature should never exceed 75 degree Celsius