New Solar Policy Tamilnadu 2021

Effective from October 22, new Tariff rate and Regulations are applicable for Rooftop solar system installation Domestic and other institutions. New Solar policy of Tamilnadu is a good news that encourages going solar. Domestic connections have everything to gain from this new policy. 



Netmetering is back for domestic

Netmetering scheme for domestic connections make it attractive to go solar. In the net metering mechanism, the energy supplied to the grid from the rooftop solar system is deducted from the energy consumed for own use and the resulting net units are billed based on the applicable retail tariff.

In the older policy of net-billing or net feed-in mechanism, the energy supplied to the grid is based on feed-in tariff and the energy consumed is billed at applicable retail tariff. The gross metering mechanism involves direct sale of the units produced by the solar system to the grid and is accounted for at feed-in tariff.

Domestic consumers who have provided net-feed-in facility under the 2019 order, shall have the option to migrate to the new net metering system, while LT consumers are not eligible for gross metering, as per the order.

The order provides a boon to domestic solar users with net metering, which is not allowed at present and will certainly push the solar enthusiasts to choose the solar option in a big way.



gensolar netmeter

Tamilnadu Domestic Solar saving potential

This is the Bimonthly saving potential for a Domestic consumer by installing 2KW solar system under the Net meter scheme