You may be running an institution like school, hospital, industry or a shopping mall, we are sure sure that you will be looking to reduce expenses. Definitely Electricity Bill will be in your checklist for reducing the expense. 

While how much electricity your institution is consuming depends on the nature of your business, the charges that you pay depends on the fixed tariff levied by your Distribution company. Definitely you would have thought about producing your own electricity through a Rooftop Solar system.

But Solar plants are capital intensive. Precious capital is prioritized for your core business activity and Solar prospect takes a back seat. Gensolar Energy offers the boot model solution to take leverage of your unused Roofspace and your consumption pattern to get a Rooftop solar plant at Zero capital investment. 

How it Works


1) You leverage your Unused Roof space , consumption and good rating
2) Gensolar will survey and propose the optimal capacity Solar plant that can be installed in your institution
3) Gensolar will invest for the Solar Plant
4) Gensolar will install the solar plant and maintain
5) You will pay for the Electricity produced by the solar plant at a rate lower than the Distribution company tariff

And after 15 years Gensolar will transfer the solar plant free of cost which will run for a minimum of of 10 more years

How it flows

Still Have Questions

  • 1) What is BOOT model stands for?

    BOOT stands for Built Operate and Transfer. But the important aspect is the capital investment which is done by Gensolar

  • 2) BOOT is suitable for whom?

    Any institution like schools, colleges, hospitals, industries, commercial establishments that have sufficient shadow free roof space and sanctioned load of more than 100 KVA

  • 3) How much is monthly saving?

    It will range from 10 to 15% of the Tariff rate. Exact reduction will be agreed based on various factors like capacity, your rating etc

  • 4) What is institution responsibility?

    To arrange feasibility approval for installing the agreed capacity solar plant. Arranging for Netmeter. Gensolar will guide in each process.

    Institution to provide shadow free roof space , access to plant for installation and maintenance.

    Water for cleaning the solar panels

  • 5) Who will invest and install the solar plant?

    Gensolar will invest and install the solar plant

  • 6) Who will maintain the solar plant?

    Gensolar will maintain the solar plant

  • 7) Who will clean the Solar Panels?

    Gensolar will clean the Solar panels. Water and required access to be provided from institution

  • 8) How the units for billing is calculated?

    The billing is based on the Solar generation meter. This meter is as per the distribution company specification.

  • 9) Any references for the BOOT model?

    Visit our success story page to see the long list of institutions benefitting from our Boot model

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