Your roof + zero investment = big savings 


Renewable Energy Services Company (RESCO) model reduces your investment to 0% while saving you electricity bills. Based on project size, location & your financial needs we bring in the clean energy investment. In this model, the solar power plant is transferred to you free of costs, at the end of the term 15 years of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Your roof is your asset!

We Gensolar will invest, install, operate and Maintain the rooftop solar plant for you. The solar power is available for you for less than the EB tariff. Excess solar power is exported to Grid which will negate the power imported from Grid. 

Net metering

Net metering allows utility customers to generate their own electricity cleanly and efficiently. During the day, most solar customers produce more electricity than they consume; net metering allows them to export that power to the grid and reduce their future electric bills.

What do we do 

  • This is an opportunity to make the most out of your roof, all you need to offer us the roof
  • We invest in your roof, we build and maintain the solar power plant laid on your roof
  • The solar power plant installed in your roof is connected to grid through the net meter
  • You have to pay for the energy generated by the Solar plant which is 15%  lesser than your current EB bill payment 
  • The plant is handed over to you after a tenure of 15 years