Solar in school makes lot of economic sense. The time is ripe for Schools in Tamilnadu to go the Solar way owing to below features

  1. Schools have constant power consumption during day time
  2. Schools have ample Roof space to install Solar panels
  3. Schools have higher EB tariff rate than domestic connections
  4. Long term prospect of School
  5. Schools will be a target for installing Electric vehicle chargers

Power Consumption Pattern of School

Unlike domestic connection the power consumption in schools is constant and more during the daytime. Daytime is when the sunshines and the Solar system is generating power. If the schools have Airconditioned labs and classrooms it makes more economical sense to go the solar way.

Schools have ample Roof space

Schools, typically have many buildings spread apart which provides ample shadow free roof space for the SOlar system installation. Also facilities like Toilet blocks and parking sheds offer the same. Why not put the unutilised Roofspace to the best of its use. So with ample space solar school is have space constraint.

Schools have higher EB tariff rate than domestic connections

The EB tariff rate is atpar with the commercial rate where as the domestic connections have slab rate and provided power at subsidised rate. Schools are constantly looking to reduce the runing cost and EB bill is definitely the one to look at.  SOlar school makes economic sense

Long term prospect of School

Schools as an establishment are run for generations. There are many schools which are running for than 20 years. This allows the schools to think long term benefits rather than short term. Looking at a period of 25 years the EB tariff may triple. Solar panels comes with a performance warranty of 25 years. The projected degradation of a solar pael is 15% over the period of 25 years. This indicates the SOlar panels lasts long and will produce energy for decades to come. This will ensure that the school is protected against the EB tariff rise. Solar school is gaurded against the tariff rise.

Schools will be a target for installing Electric vehicle chargers

Switchover to ELectric vehicles is around the corner. Typically teachers and students commute a short distance to school everyday , which is good for Electric vehicle. The schools may be mandated or voluntarily isntall the EV charging stations. This will increase the energy demand and Solar system will make lot of economical sense

Below figure provides an example case of saving potential for a School in tamilnadu


If you as a school have decided to install Rooftop solar system, it is recommendd to go for Grid tied system. Grid tied solar system have single largest benefit of unused solar energy to be exported to the Grid and realise maximum value out of your solar investment. To know more about Gridtied solar system or Netmeter click below

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