We are offering a discount of 25% for the salem households and establishments for a standard 2KW Rooftop Gridtied solar system. The offer is valid till June 30.


We all Homes can benefit from reduced electricity bill. We are bringing you the best solar system with good discount in this summer which is a compelling reason to so solar. In these uncertain times , there is nothing safer than investing in our own roofs. Solar is best investment now and we as Gensolar Energy is there to serve you.



Schools in salem can benefit from our summer sale offer to go solar way. Solar system once installed will generate power for decades . 

  1. schools have ample roof space
  2. schols consume power when the solar system is producing
  3. schools have long prospect and solar is more suited

We Gensolar energy will provide the most optimised system for EB bill saving. 

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