BOOT Model Rooftop Solar

BOOT model Rooftop Solar Explained

Owning a solar plant at zero capital is a simple explanation of this BOOT model Rooftop Solar system.  Gensolar Energy will invest, install and maintain the plant for 15 years providing clean power for your facility.  After 15 years the Rooftop solar system is handed over to the institution at zero charges. Once handed over the Rooftop solar system will continue to produce power for well beyond 25 years. 

Your core bussiness may be Acadamics, Health sector or Manufacturing. Your focus and investment will be towards your core activity. So neither you have time or capital to spare for installing and maintaining a Rooftop Solar system. Here comes the BOOT model rooftop solar system from Gensolar Energy. 

When we say Zero capital or investment, it may sound unrealistic, but it is possible and we have many happy customers saving on monthly electricity charges and will enjoy Zero charges in due time. .BOOT stands for Built operate transfer.  

Rooftop Solar – BOOT model Example case

A hospital in karnataka town is being run in an individual building with unused Roof space. The Hospital management is focussed on providing the best healthcare services to the needy people. The management will streamline their investments on latest technology instruments, expansion inorder to provide best healthcare services to the public. As part of their regular expenses , monthly Electricity bills is paid.

We Gensolar Energy will design, invest , install , and maintain a rooftop Grid tied Solar system in the unused roof of the Hospital. The Hospital will pay for the power consumed from the Rooftop solar system at a reduced rate from the prevailing EB tariff and saveson the monthly EB Bills. At the end of 15 years the Rooftop solar system will be handed over to the hospital management free of charge. Beyond 15 years the Hospital will get free power from the Rooftop solar system.

BOOT model Solar Success Story

Jain Institute of Technology in Devangare made the wise decision to go solar way with Gensolar energy. We installed a 50KW Rooftop solar system in 2019 and maintaining the system. The benefits reaped by the Jain institiute are below

  • Reduced monthly EB Bills (13,500 Rs per month)
  • Will own the 50KW rooftop solar plant after 15 Years
  • Reduced Diesel consumption while operation EDG during powercuts
  • Cooler Roof thanks to the Shade from Solar Panels
  • Protection from EB tariff rise in coming years
  • Is a prestigious green and sustainable educational institution

Below is the saving potential of 50KW system installed in Jain institute explained .

The team Gensolar Energy installed the plant under RESCO model on time, they have a well efficient installation team

We teach our students to be a good citizen and we have a great part in instilling the future engineers with environmental education, we strongly want our students to understand the role of good air, pure water and fertile soil in the environment,  we wished to be their role-models by installing Solar system from Gensolar Energy & it has also paved way for our Sustainable Journey  🍃


Institution , Jain Engineering College

BOOT model Solar Projects

  1. Jain institute of Technology, Devangare – 50KW completed, 20KW in progress
  2. Sunshine Hospital, Devangare – 30KW completed
  3. City centre Hospital, Devangare – 30KW in progress
  4. Alutop industry, Tumkur – 300KW in progress
  5. Daksha Granites, Tumkur – 100 KW in progress
  6. Jain school, Devangare – 60 KW in progress

Many other institutions are in touch with us to get their Rooftop solar system with Zero capital investment

BOOT model Rooftop Solar – Steps

Below image explains the flow of Boot model Rooftop Solar system over the course of 15 Years. Beyond that the institutuion enjoys free power.