Evershining Sun

Unused Roof


    •  Save on Monthly EB Bills

    • Zero Capital Boot model

    • Become a green institution

    You may be a home owner looking to reduce your monthly EB Tariff, or somebody running a Hospital, Academic institution , a commercial  establishment like shopping center or  a manufacturing unit.

    We will be your one stop solution for your solar needs.

    1. Site Survey
    2. Recommending the optimum solar system size
    3. Perfect Engineering
    4. Installation Service
    5. Maintenance

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    Solar is not an Investment priority Now,

    still there is a way.

    Try our Boot Model

    Your Load is more than 1MW and  

    Not enough Roof for Solar Panels

    Try Open Access

    Clean Energy

    Solar power generate electricity . Reducing need for fossil fuel generation

    Easy Installation

    Hassle free installation with skilled labour

    Premium Quality Systems

    We offer high quality solar- systems, no compromise on the quality

    Long lasting

    Our high quality lives beyond 30 years

    Smart Home

    Increase the value of your home by investing in solar power

    Reduced Carbon Foot Print

    Your vacant roof space can provide long term energy and ecological security by reduction in carbon emission